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About our counselling servicesAbout our counselling services

Our services are aimed at all age groups, but with a particular interest in helping the younger ages, whom we feel are less well supported within our profession. If we are able to communicate with a teenager and help them understand their own issues, then there is a chance to guide them onto a better thought-pattern for life.

Kellyanne Counsellor Dip(Psych)RMBACP is experienced with mental health care, domestic abuse, bereavement and children's counselling. She also works with youth within the sport of Karate, giving her a wide experience of the need for self-esteem during the teenage years. Kellyanne also works in a doctor’s surgery and has a wide knowledge of patient support.

Val Keight Counsellor Dip(Psych)RMBACP is experienced in bereavement counselling, domestic and sexual abuse, bullying, telephone counselling, and working on-line with children who suffer bullying at school, which often leads to much deeper issues. Val has also worked with children in Africa and sponsors schools that support young orphans of HIV victims. Another one of Val's passions is teaching children to swim, which again involves working with children's self esteem.

BACP Accredited Voluntary Register - Registered MemberIf you'd like to take advantage of our services, or find out more about our working practice and ethic, please just get in touch.

We also provide a one to one counselling via skype video. Click the icon to learn more: Counselling via skype video